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2021-2022 Awards

Roosevelt School
Mutt-i-grees: Comfort Dogs to Promote Social Emotional Learning

Dr. Beck first brought this Yale University developed Mutt-i-grees curriculum to the school in 2019 and is working to expand the program this year to include even more students. Through Mutt-i-grees, an innovative social-emotional learning program, the students work with Dr. Beck and his own dog in developing empathy, resiliency and an awareness of oneself.

Multicultural Mural for English Language Learners

The ENL (English as a New Language) teachers at Claremont School are working directly with their students to design a mural with images that represent who they are as individuals. The mural will create an inviting atmosphere for the hallway and staircase which lead to the ENL rooms while also amplifying their own cultural roots in a positive way. These pictures will serve as a reminder to these students, and the students that follow, that their cultures are valued and important. The mural will also reflect the idea that they are a community of learners working together towards common goals. This project is developed in partnership with Ron Whitehead and OHS art students who will prepare for the final work to be done with a professional muralist who has done previous projects at Claremont and OHS.

Book Vending Machine

Claremont School is installing a new book vending machine as a new tool to support, encourage and enhance the schools PBIS goals  (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) for all students to be prompt, prepared, polite, and safe. The book machine offers students a valuable and tangible reward that will also increase student reading volume with awards of high-interest books targeted specifically to their ages and interests. Students will be rewarded with a token for exemplary behavior or can trade in PBIS tickets for a token to use to vend a book and keep as their own. Books for the machine will be selected from the “most-circulated list” which are in high demand and most appealing to Claremont students. The vending machine is being placed in the Claremont cafeteria in full view as an enticement and inspiration to all students. This project has the full support of the PBIS Committee.

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