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2023-2024 Grants

Coffee and Breakfast Cart

This project provides students in self-contained classrooms with regular opportunities to interact with members of the school community and build on their social communication and functional vocational skills via the management and delivery of taking coffee and breakfast orders and delivering the items three mornings each week. Students would be assigned roles to carry out different responsibilities, such as making coffee, preparing breakfast foods, putting a menu together, handling money, delivering orders, etc. Students will take orders from staff members and deliver orders to the classrooms while practicing conversational skills. The students IEP goals will be addressed while participating in this activity in a functional way.

Park School

The Story Walk Way was created to unite all of Park School in an engaging and multi-sensory reading experience. Books were chosen using a lens that focuses on Social Emotional Learning and diverse literature.

Claremont School
Project Team Equity

The goal of this project is to create a sensory walk for students to use when they feel overwhelmed. A sensory walk will provide all students with a place they can visit when they need to calm themselves down and will support every student regardless of their abilities or disabilities. Teachers gathered and discussed neurodiversity, inclusivity, and ways to support every single student at Claremont and believe that this project will help with not only regulating but it will also remind students that they are always accepted in their unique ways. There will be classroom polls that will evaluate the success of this project as students starts utilizing it.

Francophone Culture (Repeat Grant)

The project aims to expose the French students in 7th and 8th grades to Francophone culture through both learning about traditional French crêpes and also cooking and eating this very traditional French food. It will develop multiple literacies – directly supporting one of the goals of the districts long-range plan. In addition to the cultural learning – students will use the language to learn about the history of crêpes and to read and follow recipes in French. In addition to language skills students will develop mathematical literacy (in French), by scaling up a recipe to feed the larger group and multicultural literacy by comparing and contrasting their own practices with those of the Francophone world. Ms. Diallo will incorporate it into her year-long curriculum and will specialize the activity for 7th grade with expanded study of the French national holiday Le Chandeleur during the experience in 8th grade. The funds will be used to purchase 6 crêpes makers, related tools and food supplies.  

Ossining High School
Growing in the Greenhouse

This is a previously supported and funded project by OM. This project provides students with the basic knowledge of growing plants, herbs, vegetables, and flowers while experimenting with different growing techniques. This program teaches students about sustainable agriculture and where their food comes from. Students oversee and maintain the vertical gardens which includes watering the plants, making cuttings and if possible, creating more of the plant. Each student has an ongoing project that they complete by the end of the semester. All the supplies will be used in the Explorations of Real-World Science class which is an elective with mixed grades. The class is intended to give students examples of how to use science in real life and will give students an opportunity to learn while “doing” instead of traditional methods where students are passively learning.

PE Bownet Goals

The specific objective of this project is to improve the quality of equipment that students have access to in their Physical Education Classes at AMD. Currently, they do not have an adequate supply of small and medium size goals to play sports such as soccer, handball, floor hockey, field hockey and lacrosse. Having multiple goals (Small and medium size) will allow for students to have a more meaningful PE experience and will help teachers create multiple small games during various units. Small games are valuable because they allow students to get more touches on the ball which leads to more skill development. These games also provide students with the opportunity to be more selective in choosing their groups so that they can work with people they feel comfortable with. The current supply of goals is limited, and the goals break easily when used. Kiesha Tillman, current principal approves this application.

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