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Funding Policies

Ossining MATTERS Education Foundation Funding Policies

Ossining MATTERS has an established funding application process, in the spring, for grants which will take place the following school year. Applications for projects to be implemented in the next academic year, are due Mid-March and notifications are sent out in mid-May. Out-of-Cycle Grant Applications are also reviewed throughout the year for grants that are urgent or time-sensitive for the current school year. There is also a Fall Application for Summer Programs, with which staff can apply for grants in October and November to fund programs which will take place the following summer. Teachers and other staff members, with the counsel and approval of administrators, develop programs for which they would like funding. They may complete the applications provided and submit them to Ossining MATTERS for review by the Ossining MATTERS Funding Committee and voting by the Ossining MATTERS Board of Directors.

There are strict criteria for eligible projects:

  • They must be consistent with the Missions of both the School District and Ossining MATTERS.

  • They must not be for items that should/could be included in the ordinary district budget.

  • Applicants must demonstrate that they have explored other funding options prior to approaching Ossining MATTERS.

  • Applicants must explain how their project will be an enriching experience that goes beyond what is usually provided by the district.

Priority is given to projects that satisfy the following criteria:

  • Reaches many students or serves important needs of a distinct student group

  • Has potential long term benefits for the participating students or the district

  • Can be replicated, expanded or reused in the future

  • Presents a clear and detailed method of evaluation

Ossining MATTERS is eager to support projects that will help develop well-rounded students and encourage students to reach their fullest potential. We will support projects in all schools in the district from Pre-K through the High School. We will support projects for academics, cultural arts and athletics. We are interested in serving the needs of all students in the district including but not limited to: helping to close the achievement gap, helping students at risk or with special needs, providing enriching experiences for high achieving students and providing exciting and interesting learning experiences for all.

If Ossining MATTERS does not have sufficient funds to support projects that we deem worthy, we may partially fund a project and ask the applicant to modify their program or we may refer the applicant to our Grants Committee to help the applicant seek funding from an outside source.

For more information about the funding process, please contact Ossining MATTERS  at

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