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Students with Masks

2019-2020 Awards

Park School
Teatown Lake Reservation-Seasonal Discovery Walks

This will be the 4th year that Ossining MATTERS has funded a similar program. Kindergarten students will make seasonal field trips to Teatown Nature Preserve. Teatown educators will work with each class and the trips will tie into the Next Generation Science Standards and their cross-cutting themes of change, cause and effect and humans impacting the natural world.

Climbing New Heights to Build Community

This grant is to assist in piloting a program at the Cliffs at Valhalla. Students will attend The Cliffs at Valhalla to build trust between each other and build a community. This will help support the implementation of Restorative Circles during daily classroom routine.

Claremont Learning Center

The Claremont Learning Center, formerly known as the library, will be revamped and replenished with relevant, timely materials that foster the love of reading and support instruction.

Mutt-i-grees: Comfort Dogs to Promote Social Emotional Learning

To promote the development of social-emotional learning and incentivize and motivate students through the care and consideration of a classroom/school dog. Programs will follow the Yale University’s Mutt-i-grees curriculum.

AMD Author Visitation Week
Living History in the 7th Grade Social Studies Classroom

OM continues to fund this program which provides productive experiences with real, live young adult authors in order to augment the reading program at AMD. Authors will visit AMD for each grade level. The authors will be assigned to a grade and present to that grade’s House and then each author will be working with groups of students selected from each grade level.

This program provides the entire 7th grade with a living history experience aimed to improve comprehension of the social studies curriculum material and provide important background information for their Revolutionary War Project. Students are walked through a living history experience where they are conscripted into the Continental Army, build time period appropriate tents, march, and then break down “camp.”  Students experience first-hand a piece of American history.

Interactive Ecology (Collaborative hands-on science elective course)
OHS Robotics

Supported by OM, this class will be in its third year in 2019-20 and has been developed as a collaboration between Teatown and OHS to continue to nurture student interest in the environment and science. This year’s grant includes field trips beyond Teatown.

This will be the ninth year that Ossining MATTERS will fund this program. The specific objectives of the program are to teach students, through the Engineering Class and Club, to work together as a team to solve complex technical challenges involving mechanical, electrical and computer programming systems to strengthen their skills in STEM. The Engineering Club will again compete in the FIRST competition. This competition requires that the club create a robot that is able to perform a specific function.

OHS Living History Photography Project

OM provided funds to purchase cameras and light equipment to be used in all of the photography classes at OHS. The grant emphasizes 2 specific programs that will use the equipment: the Living History Cross Cultural Project in which student artists meet and work with OHS ENL students, and the Living History Veterans Project in which student artists meet and work with local hospitalized veterans.

OHS Guidance Fund

OM provides funds to help OHS students pay for college-level classes and other college preparatory and application fees.

OHS Sustainable Ceramics

OM funded the purchase of a pug mill to recycle clay that has become unusable.  Students will learn an environmentally conscious approach to the conservation of clay.

OHS Makerspace Electronics Workshop

The objective of these workshops is to use electronics to activate curiosity. A diverse group of learners will tinker and explore various types of tech tools in these workshops. Through these  workshops the students will explore STEM, cultivate creativity, and learn problem-solving skills.

Ossining Saturday Academy

The Ossining Saturday Academy- Explore and Learn is an exciting initiative to promote learning, raise literacy levels and foster community building. It will be led by the Ossining School District and will include a diverse range of community partners who will gather weekly to offer an engaging and accessible program that offers academic, recreational and civic opportunities for children, youth and adults.

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